four angels

Etching is an engraving technique obtained by inking a zinc plate previously engraved with a steel tip. The depth of the incised line is determined by immersion of the plate in nitric acid. Following the immersion in acid called “morsura” the plate will be inked and imprinted on a moistened sheet of paper by means of a metal roller.

The technical and methodological variations in Italian are distinguished in: punta secca, acqua forte, acqua tinta, cera molle (my translation: drypoint, acquaforte, acquatinta, soft wax.

The above etching is  42 cm wide and 23 high. The white border is larger than the one here on the photo.

The four angels are 30 cm wide and 40 high.

leaving the rope
caught in a cube
up and down
the earring
Cought in  a cube

45 cm wide and 55 cm high

Heading up or down

45 cm wide and 48 cm high

Man with an earring

45 cm wide and 55 cm high