At work in Djerba - Tunisia

Many of my terracotta sculptures were made during a stay in Djerba, in the most southern part of Tunisia, in an almost desert area. Guellala, an area rich in clay, on the island of Djerba, on the coast, opposite to Houmt Souk.

Here I met the brothers Sakal owners of a 350 year old kiln, dug deep in the ground, where it was possible to burn huge statues.

In this space, where time seems to be still, I worked hard for the whole day with breaking only for bitter tea with the locals, because the work must go on.

The Sakal family had lived here in a small village of Berbers for many generations, working the clay creating big vases. 

For more than a year I worked in this area, coming and going from Sicily – a unique experience, which will always live in my memory in a special light.

working the clay