start to print with linoleum

Printing with linoleum

The passion for the linoleum print is quite recent. I actually discovered this ductile material in Denmark, where it is a popular item among artists.

So for my latest exhibition during the open atelier doors in August 2019 (last year we had to keep the doors closed due to the Covid-19 pandemia) I produced quite a few prints, which became very popular among visitors.

In fact to take away a statue with you – especially a bronze statue – is quite expensive, while you with a smaller amount of money can take away a linoleum print, a souvenir from the day.

a little bird
sleepng bird

A little bird on a sheet of 30 cm x 21 cm

Sleeping bird on a sheet of 30 cm x 21 cm

Thinking. On a sheet of 30 cm x 21 cm