at work in Djerba

Mariano Brusca was born in Palermo in 1966.

In 1985 he took a diploma in painting at the Palermo Art Institute and in 1989 a diploma in sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy.

He lives and works in his city, where he teaches Ornamentation and Modelled Figure at the Damiani Almeyda State Artistic High School.

His work experiences encompass different artistic expressions and is not limited to sculpture or the painting. In fact he is also passionate of photography, advertising graphics, restoration, and scene painting (in 2004 he did the scenery for “A thousand and one veils” a show staged for Taormina Arte at the Ancient Theatre).

He collaborates as a photographer with the Krea publishing company in Palermo, and has done various covers for books, advertising logos and labels of prestigious wines. In his works he deals with the theme of Greek classical sculpture, revisiting it through personal polychromy and using the various tech- niques of  applied arts (mosaics, bronze melting, processing of stone and wood, ceramics etc).