exhibition in the ancient establishment of Mondello
Exhibition in the ancient establishment of Mondello

The more recent exhibitions

2004 – Design of the set for the performance “A Thousand and One Veils” of the Taormina Arte Festival at the Ancient Greek Theater.

May 2010 – Terre Mèmoire: personal sculpture exhibition – CNAV – Maison des Arts du Belvedère,

Dar El Founon  – TUNIS – organized by the Italian Cultural Institute with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy in Tunisia – catalog ed. Krea (Terre Memoire).

2010 – Palazzo Pucci sculpture exhibition (Petralia Sottana) in occasion of the ‘Terre Memoire’ exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Petralia Sottana.

2008 – Parva Naturalia, notes from Aristotle – exposition de livres d’Artistes Siciliens proposed by Antonina Greco.

2011– 54th International Art Exhibition of  the Venice Biennal – Italian pavilion. Represents Italian artists operating abroad (Tunisia). Catalogs: The State of the Art  – Sate of the Arts – Ed. Skira – National Institute of Culture.

April 2013 – The Dialogus Creaturarum Moralizatus in contemporary art key. Artist’s books in leporello format / edited by Antonina Greco. Reading Room of the Library of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Sicily – Palermo.

August 2013 – Biennial of rock salt sculpture villa Sgadari – Petralia Soprana.

December 2013 – “Nino Maggio” award, Ignazio Buttitta Foundation for the high recognition of Sicilian figurative arts. Experimental cinematography center of the Alla Zisa cultural site in Palermo.

March 2014 –  “MEDITERRANEO” sculpture exhibition in the Aliprandi room, Brera, Milan.

October 2014 – Sculpture symposium La Pietra di Favignana – Cave of Sant’Anna – Favignana.

October 2015 – Golden Number Harmony of the World – collective exhibition in care of Ninni Greco – Department of Culture – Palermo Municipal Historical Archive.

March 2017 – monument at the port of Palermo, in memory of the 146 victims  all women of the fire in 1911 in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.in New York. commissioned by the UIL of Palermo and inaugurated by the mayor of the city Leoluca Orlando.

2018 Personal exhibition Mater Matute at the Cultural Centre in Store Heddinge. Denmark

2018 – 2019 Open Doors in Stevns. Denmark

At the Biennal of Venice
At the Biennal of Venice
In the park of Mondello Palace
In the park of Mondello Palace